Myitkyina residents cope with flooding

Flooding has impacted Kachin State capital Myitkyina after water level of Irrawaddy rises due to torrential rains and snow melting in further north. Myitkyina’s Shatapru residents are reportedly busy moving household items to higher grounds as night falls. The flooding washed out roads and inundated homes in Shatapru quarter.

Flooding usually occurs in July but it comes sooner this year, said a Myitkyina resident. Myitkyina’s Shatapru quarter is often hit hardest by the flood because of its proximity to Irrawaddy river and low banks. A small stream called Njang Hka runs through Shatapru quarter to Irrawaddy river.

Part of Kachin cultural site, Manau ground, is flooded and local residents say they are worry as water level is still rising and planning to evacuate their homes if necessary. Hundreds of people are partially or fully evacuated and some locals are seen using small boats to travel across their quarters.

Flood warnings remained in effect as current water level of Irrawaddy River at Myitkyina is 1112 cm and it may reach to a danger level of 1200 cm during the next (24) hours commencing noon today, said Myanmar’s Department of Meteology and Hydrology. Flood warnings extend through Wednesday and water level is expected to reach above dangerous level by then.

Myitkyina has seen one of the worst of the floods with Irrawaddy river in 2004 when half the city was flooded and dozens of local residents were swept away by its current.


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