Lahpai Naw Ming, the Kachinland News, received the Citizen of Burma Award, 2012

Lahpai Naw Ming, chief reporter of Kachinland News, was awarded the third Pyitu Gon Yee, the Citizen of Burma Award on the 27th of May, 2012. Lahpai Naw Ming received 51.25 percent of votes out of the overall 513,922 and won the Award.

There were 33 individuals nominated for this award and the last 5 were entered into to ballot poll for popular vote.  The past recipients of this award include U Kyaw Tu (2010), and Daw Shu (2011).

The Kachinland News’ staffs proudly recognizes and congratulates their fellow reporter Lahpai Naw Ming on his achievement for this Award. We wish and pray for his quick recovery from current physical injury. We eagerly hope for his swift return to serve his fellow citizens, resuming his gifted and passionate investigative news reporting.

Naw Ming was injured by the heavy artillery shelled by the Burmese military while reporting at the KIA frontline post, Kawngwai, near Loije on Jan 4, 2012.  He is now currently undergoing medical treatment at a hospital in China.

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