A new wave of IDPs flee Pangwa

Local sources say newly arrived Burmese Army soldiers committed widespread human rights abuses such as rapes, interrogations, and tortures against Pangwa township residents. Heavy fighting causes massive displacement of about 600 villagers from Pangwa, Hpare, Man Hpwi, Lagyawm and Dang Gaw villages towards an IDP camp located at border post no. 6 on May 11, 2012.

IDPs who have fled to Sino-Burma border said that Burmese Army has been flooding Pangwa townships and threatening local villagers by ransacking and robbing their properties. “When the soldiers came to our village, they separate men and women, they torture men and rape women, we can’t bear it anymore so we have fled” said an IDP.

On May 10, Burmese Army’s 521st LIR ransacked houses and robbed tithes from village Church’s offering box at Tajang village in Waingmaw Township. A woman preacher of Roman Catholic Church in Tajang village was robbed of her gold necklace. When she made a desperate plea to the Burmese soldiers, they threw 30,000 ks ($36) at her.

Though international communities applauded Thein Sein led normally civilian government’s reform moves, grave human rights violations reached to an alarming new level and humanitarian situation has deteriorated in Kachin and Shan State.

Fighting has continued around Pangwa, former NDA-K controlled areas, between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Army after an attempt to capture Pangwa by KIA and former NDA-K soldiers. Recently, KIA has extended a new battalion, the 32nd Battalion, comprised mainly of former NDA-K soldiers to be stationed in Pangwa areas.

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