Brig-Gen Zeyar Aung threatens to eliminate Kachin Independence Organization

As the Kachin Army struggles through the eleventh month in its fight against Burmese government Army, there are no signs of abating armed conflict in Kachin State. Fighting continues between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Army in areas close to Kachin administrative capital Laiza and Headquarter Pa Jau. Though KIO repeatedly asked Burmese government to honor previous ceasefire agreement by repositioning its troops, Burmese Army shows no signs of abating its quest to eliminate Kachin Independent Organization.

In the midst of reform rhetoric from Burmese government officials, President Thein Sein and Burmese generals blatantly speak eliminationist language against the KIO/A. On November 18th at the Asean press conference in Indonesia, President Thein Sein replied to the journalist that if the Burmese government military really wanted to “annihilate” the KIA, they could do so “within a day.” Most recently on May 8, Brig-Gen Zeyar Aung of Northern Regional Military Command repeated such eliminationist overtone that Burmese Army will soon wipe out KIO by using modern military equipment. He told BGF soldiers and his subordinates that KIO is making and bringing troubles to the people and is not really supported by Kachin people. In contrary to his remarks, the support level for KIO/A among Kachin people has reached to the highest since it was founded in Feb 5, 1961.

KIA troops of 24th Battalion have fought against Burmese Army’s 142nd LIB on May 10 at 2:45 am. KIA’s combined forces of 251st and 252nd battalions and Burmese Army’ soldiers of 105th LIB and 386th LIR have fought between U Ga Shan and Lisu Pa Jau on May 8 at 8:00 am. Frontline sources say 8 Burmese soldiers were reportedly killed in this battle.

In another front in Shan State, KIA’s 8th Battalion under 4th Brigade encountered an unknown Burmese Army Battalion at Hu Yi on May 10 at 7 am. Another fighting took place in the same day near Nam Sawng Chye village between KIA’s 8th Battalion under 4th Brigade and an unknown Burmese Army Battalion. No casualties have been reported from both sides so far.

On May 10, KIA’s 102nd Tactical Battalion overran Burmese Army’s 138th LIB post located at Hka Garan on Sumpra Bum road. KIA’s frontline sources claimed that at least 8 Burmese soldiers were killed in this battle. Dozens of weapons and ammunitions have been seized by Kachin troops including 60mm mortar, MA 4 rifles, MA 5 assault rifles and a pistol. 100 sacks of rice and some army uniforms were also seized and it is widely speculated that Burmese Army sends its soldiers disguised in civilian clothes to frontline areas.


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