Burmese Army razed homes in Ban Sau village

Burmese Army’s 384th LIR razed 8 houses and pillaged properties belong to local residents in Ban Sau Mung village on April 27. Raw rice, generators, motorcycle, sewing machine and furniture that belong to villagers were burned. Heavy fighting has been raging near Ban Sau village between Burmese Army’s combined force of 384th LIR and 521st LIR and KIA’s mobile battalion responsible for capital security.

Burmese Army’s artillery unit stationed in Daw Hpum Yang fired 105 mm shells towards Kachin troops’ stronghold in Laja yang and Hpun Pyen Bum. Local residents say a few round of heavy artillery shells were fired by Burmese Amy towards Laiza area. But the shells hit nearby mountains and did not fall into residential areas, said source.

Burmese Army build-up continues around Chipwi and Pangwa townships causing massive displacement of local residents towards Tengchong County in China. Local sources say Burmese Army’s 33rd LID and 66th LID are heading towards Chipwi and Pangwa townships. The reported buildup came as BGF soldiers defected to KIA side in Pangwa and took over control of surrounding areas. On April 27, KIA’s 3rd Battalion seized Bum Sen Post near Sadon.