Another UN aid convoy reaches Mai Ja Yang

Kachin IDPs in Mai Ja Yang receiving UN aids (Photo: UN Myanmar)

Another aid convoy carrying much-needed aids for Kachin IDPs  has arrived in KIO’s second largest city Mai Ja Yang on April 2, 2012. The convoy led by UNOCHA’s Ms. Barbara Manzi delivered 6 trucks loaded with essential items to Kachin IDPs in Mai Ja Yang areas. UN aids convoy was accompanied by officials from UNOCHA, UNICEF, UNHCR and WFP.

On Tuesday last week, two convoys delivered aids items to Kachin IDPs in Sadung and Mai Ja Yang areas.

United Nations Information Office in Yangon issued a press release on March 30 saying that “The two convoys went to two camps around Sadung and five camps in the area of Lweje/ Mai Jayang reaching 3,300 people.  They distributed a total of 54.5 tons of Food sufficient for one month, essential non-food items (NFIs), Aquatabs, oral rehydration salts, and basic drugs.  Both convoys were back to base on 29 March.”


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