Demand To End Violence Against Kachins

Since June 9th, 2011 when the Burma Army (Thatmadaw) broke cease-fire agreement and began military assault against the Kachin Independence Army, several meetings have been held with members of State and Union Governments to reduce military tension. Though President Thein Sein ordered his troops to stop military offensives on December 10th, 2011, hundreds of clashes continue to erupt in Kachin regions, to date.

The Union Solidarity Development Party (USDP) continues to laud its democratization process in international media. It has shown progress in deregulating press freedom, demonstrating temporary public compromise, and expanding the role of opposition political system. On the other hand, national media is still restricted to cover conflict developments in Kachin region, Myitsone Dam project remains to be under construction plan, and opposition parties including NLD are continuously harassed.

Under the slogan of ‘irreversible reform’, the USPD government has not loosened its tight grip on the power. Most if not all the military elite of the past regime still commands this nation today. Therefore if the Burmese government is true to its intention of living in peace and unity with all ethnic groups in the Union, it must honor the very foundation of the Union of Burma, the Pang Long Agreement. Not only the Kachin but everyone must enjoy ethnic rights, equality, and self-determination. This, to us, is a genuine REFORM.

In solidarity with over 70,000 Kachin refugees, we plea to the world community:

  1. To immediately stop the military hostilities in Kachin ethnic area
  2. To urge USDP government to withdraw Thatmadaw from all Kachin area
  3. To start genuine political dialogue

KNO Centre Committee

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