Nampaka residents protest against metal factory

Local residents of Nampaka in Northern Shan State plan to stage a protest against building a metal factory on March 14 at 9 am. The construction site for the factory is located near Loi Lem hill, just a mile from Nampaka. The project is owned by “Myanma Mya Oo Company” and led by Burmese government backed militia leader. Local residents say waste products of the metal factory will be dumped in a nearby creek. Many villagers depend on the creek for their drinking water and fishing.

Local residents say they had appealed to Nampaka town office and got a letter issued by town office to stop the project. “Construction of the factory continues despite ban letter from town office so about 1000 people, one person per household will stage a protest”, said a protest leader.

Nampaka is located in former Kachin Sub-State area created by then Shan State Government in December, 1947. Nampaka and Kutkai are the most Kachin-populated areas in Northern Shan State.