San Francisco Kachin Community held an Awareness and Fund Raising Event

Kachin Community in San Francisco Bay Area held an Awareness and Fund Raising Event for the Kachin Refugees on Dec 17, 2011 from 1pm to 5pm. The event was aimed to raise awareness for Kachin struggles and support Kachin IDPs living under perilous conditions. The event was titled “Hearing the Cries, Sharing the Pains and Acting in Hope” and sponsored by San Francisco Kachin Baptist Church, Kachin Heritage Group, Free Kachin Campaign, Save Irrawaddy (SF) and other Burmese communities in San Francisco Bay Area. More than 300 people participated in this event.

An awareness photo exhibition on past and present Kachin freedom struggles was also held in conjunction with fund raising event for IDPs. The photos were categorized into categories such as pre-panglong era, post-panglong era, ceasefire era, renewed armed struggles, human rights abuses and the Kachin IDPs. The exhibition also includes a special section to display images and documentation on Malizup (Myitsone) dam.

About $10,000 was raised in this event for Kachin IDPs. An event organizer said, “The awareness and fund that we raised in the event will surely benefit the Kachin refugees who are desperately in need of our assistance.”

Though the officials from United Nations visited Laiza, the KIO’s Administrative headquarter, on December 12th, actual material supports for the IDPs have not yet materialized.  As the number of refugees who fled from their homes has been rapidly increasing, there are now over 50,000 refugees in different parts of the Kachin State, the Shan State, and along the Sino-Burmese border. There are over 40,000 IDPs living in areas controlled by KIO while less than 10,000 living in Burmese government controlled areas where UN, NGOs  and other aids organization are accessible.


The tears of glad and joy blind me whenever I read news about how and what the Kachins oversea are doing for the Kachins in motherland, with ” pu gang sin machyi” spirit that has been ethical principle of the Kachins since time immemorial. I wish the Kachins around the world to continuously work for our God-given Motherland and our brothers and sisters who are being inflicted, tortured, violated, abused, and killed. Let us pray, work hard, and unite. Do not just pray; prayer must be incorporated with action where the power of prayer have been visualized in daily actions of our beloved Kachin Army.

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