Bomb explosion kills Kachin students in Myitkyina

A Kachin student being treated at Myitkyina Hospital

A powerful bomb exploded at Njang Kawng in Kachin State capital Myitkyina on November 13, 2011 at 7:45. The bomb was set up at the house owned by Mr. Dingyau Tang Gun, who is a leader of Kachin traditional music band. The house was shared with about 40 Kachin students from all over Kachin State coming to capital Myitkyina for further education. The body of a five months old baby girl was seen flying over to the roof of a nearby Church. 8 students, a mother and her baby girl were killed by the explosion. About 20 wounded students were taken to the Myitkyina Hospital. Most of them are in serious conditions, said a local source.

A Kachin student being treated at Myitkyina Hospital

Another 3 houses owned by Mr. Hpaga Naw Ring, Mr. Lashu Hpung Nung and Mr, Mashaw Wa were burned down to the ground after fire broke out from explosion.  The list of people who died in explosion is as follows:

  1. Hkawn Lung (age 30)
  2. Lu Mai (5 months old, daughter of Hkawn Lung)
  3. Naw Naw (age 5)
  4. Mitung Nan ( age 4)
  5. Mitung Brang Mai (age 6)
  6. Gum Jat (age 18)
  7. Seng Hkun (age 28)
  8. La Seng (age 20)
  9. San Aung Li (age 21)
  10. Seng Mai (age 4)
Houses blown by explosion

No group was claimed responsible for this terrorist attack in Kachin capital. Many Kachin villagers fleeing from war zones claim that Burmese government army is not only targeting KIO/A but also Kachin people as a whole. One Kachin elder who live in the city said, Burmese government really seems to target all Kachins though it is talking for unity and peace in the country, just look at how Burmese Army increases its troops and tortures and kills innocent civilians.

On Oct 28, 2011 at 3:00 pm, Burmese Army soldiers stationed at Muq hill near China-Burma border in Loije County have arrested three local villagers and brought them to their post. Mr. Maru Dau Lum (age 31), Mr. Ze Dau (age 70), and Mrs. Sumlut Roi Ji (age 28) were taken by Burmese soldiers while they were working in their maize fields. Mr. Dau Lum and Mr. Ze Dau later escaped but Mrs. Sumlut Roi  Ji remained in the hands of Burmese soldiers. No news of Mrs. Sumlut Roi Ji who is 8 months pregnant has been heard so far.

Mr. Janghkam Naw, a 72-year-old Namsan-yang villager, was shot in his arm and leg for no reason by 3 Burmese Army soldiers while he was mending his fence on Oct 17, 2011 at 3:30pm.

Human rights abuses are increasing as Burmese Army steps up military offenses against Kachin Independence Army. Daily accounts of horrible human rights violations committed by Burmese Army soldiers have been reported from war zones in Kachin areas.