Burmese soldiers burned shophouses because of heavy losses

Shawnglam Majan Man

KIA’s special force fought with Burmese government’s soldiers of 37th LIB and 438th LIR at “Nambang Hkahku” near Namsan yang on Sept 15 and 16. At least 20 Burmese soldiers were killed and some wounded and 3 KIA soldiers were wounded in this battle.

Burmese Army later fired rocket launcher to Awngja yang village at 4:30 pm on Sept 16, striking civilians who were stopped because of on-going battle between KIA and Burmese Army. At least 3 civilians were wounded in this rocket attack by Burmese Army.

Hpyen Hprawng ni

Because of heavy casualties suffered in the battle, Burmese Army soldiers stormed into Namsan yang and burned some shophouses at 6:40 pm on Sept 16. Villagers run away in fright from Namsan Yang to Laiza area.

In another front, KIA soldiers of 15th battalion under 3rd brigade attacked Burmese Army’s post near Tapein dam on Sept 16 at 4:17 pm. At least one Burmese soldier was killed in this attack.