Burmese government campaigned to drive a wedge among people

Burmese governments launched media attacks on Kachin Independent Organization. Burmese state media accused KIA in its newspapers The Mirror and The New Light of Myanmar of killings and burnings. A KIO source said no killings among Kachins took place recently.

Burmese governments is using Kachin cultural groups, musicians and artists to denounce KIA and sign petition letters against KIA. According to a resident in Yangon, former capital of Burma, the supports for KIO/A among Kachin people and ethnic minorities living in Kachin State is in its highest level as many people are convinced now that KIA is launching a just war to defend ethnic rights and freedom for Kachin people.

In an event for Shan students in Myitkyina University, Burmese government’s Shan Affairs minister Khin Pyone Yi told Shan students that there was a disagreement in KIO/A central committee which resulted in shooting and one committee member was injured. KIO source said no such kind of event occurred in KIA headquarter. Burmese government is well known among ethnic nationalities for its use of divide and rule policy. A source close to Burmese military said that recently launched propaganda campaign was headed by Major Naing Lin of Burmese military intelligence unit under Northern command (Ma Pa Hka).

Burmese government’s state run newspaper The Mirror, also reported on Sept 6 that there is a division among KIO/KIA leaders.

KIO/A is conducting daily briefing on how to best handle current arm conflict and media briefing to tell the truth about what is happening in Kachin Land, said KIO source. He also said that KIO central committee led by Chairman Lanyaw Zawng Hra, KIA’s chief of staff General Gunhtang Gam Shawng and vice chief of staff Brig. General Sumlut Gun Maw is working diligently for “operation victory journey” to achieve genuine freedom and peace in Kachin Land.

One central committee member of Kachin cultural organization in Myitkyina said that Kachin people living inside and outside of Burma and other ethnic minorities should be cautious that Burmese government is driving a wedge between people.