“Several attempts have been made, but not worked so far” said KIA’s Chief of Staff

Latest gathering of KIO/KIA personal was held at Alen bum, Hpungmai Hall on Aug 27 at 10 am. In this meeting, KIA’s Chief of Staff Maj. General G. Gam Shawng explained reasons behind current fighting to KIO/A personal.  He said KIO had attempted several times to achieve a ceasefire agreement with Burmese government and begin a meaningful political dialogue. But Burmese government continued its plan to eliminate KIA.  Kachin public suffered from human rights violations such as abuse and torture of villagers, shootings and killings of innocent civilians, destruction of property, and rape. KIO had worked patiently to achieve a genuine negotiated political settlement.

Maj. General G. Gam Shawng said current war began in June 9 because of Burmese army’s intrusion to KIA’s 15th battalion, under 3rd Brigade controlled area. Kachin public has suggested and urged KIO to consider failure of 17 year-long ceasefire that has worsened human rights conditions in Kachin State. He assured that KIO has been taking painstaking efforts to avoid mistakes and not to move towards a wrong direction. KIO has proposed Burmese government to begin a national wide ceasefire and political dialogue through UNFC. He asked to pray for strength and wisdom in almighty God and put trust in KIO central committee.

About 1000 KIO/A personal attended the meeting. Other central committee members gave explanation on recent fighting to various departments including health, education, refugee relief and general public on Aug 26 at Munglai Hkyet, Pajau Bum and 5th Brigade.