Skirmishes between KIA and Burmese Army continue

A battle between KIA’s 2nd brigade, 5th battalion and Burmese Army’s Hka La Ya 141, under Northern Regional Command (Ma-Pa-Kha), took place at about 5pm in August 23, 2011 at Pangdang village in Shwegu Township.

Hka La Ya 141 was stationed in Pangdang village upon request from Col. Thet Pone of Military Affairs Security (Tsa Ya Hpa) in November 2010. He told KIA that Hka La Ya 141 would only be stationed there for a short time to provide security for road construction.

But Burmese army continued to station their troops in former KIO controlled areas. Burmese army repeatedly failed to fulfill its promise to withdraw troops from KIO controlled areas. Skirmishes broke out between KIA and Burmese military because of failures to withdraw troops from these areas. Burmese military has been increasing its presence in Kachin State after signing 1994 ceasefire agreement.

A similar encounter between KIA’s 4th brigade, 2nd battalion and BA’s soldiers under North eastern command took place near Nampaka Township in Northern Shan State on August 24. At least two Burmese soldiers are believed to have been killed in this incident. The battle lasted for about 15 minutes and two guns were captured by KIA soldiers. Skirmishes between KIA and Burmese army continue despite talks of peace.