We are on the Right Side of History

  The recent Burmese government’s offensive multiple-fronts military operations on the major strongholds of the Kachin Independence Army (4th and 5th Brigades) are indicative of the beginnings of the escalating pre-meditated and systemic attacks. The Burmese military rulers’ true and cruel intention of the creation of its bifurcated system of governance (the so-called the “civilian […]

Reclaiming Our Cultural Territory

There has been several sizable mass-mobilizations and awareness events that center around the theme “Save the Irrawaddy” in Burma as well as abroad in the past weeks.  The intention of these demonstrations and awareness events is to protest and educate the consequences of the mega-dams currently under construction on the N-Mai River and Mali River […]

The Casualties of Panglong

Since 1947, the Panglong Agreement, the foundational document of Burma, has been an unfulfilled promise and unrealized dream. However, it has been a powerful myth that shadows Burmese political atmosphere. Many ethnic resistance groups, including KIA, invoke Panglong and demand the successive governments to fulfill the promise of Panglong. On the other hand, while continually […]