The Kachin Memorandum of 1947

Photo: Kachin Leaders with the Frontier Areas Committee of Enquiry (FACE); Maymyo, April 1947. (Illustrated London News) The Frontier Areas Committee of Enquiry, also known as the Rees-Williams Commission, began its proceedings in March 1947. The Enquiry was made necessary due to limitations in the Panglong Agreement drafted by U Tin Tut. It had been rectified […]

The Nampaka Resolution

The Nampaka Resolution is a formal statement expressing the ideals envisioned for an independent federal Union of Burma by the Kachins. The resolution was reached on February 1, 1947, by Kachin delegates on their way to the historic Panglong Conference at the village of Nampaka in northern Shan States.   Prior to the Nampaka meeting, […]