Kachin Martyrs’ Day

Kachin Martyrs Day was observed in KIO’s headquarter Laiza  on Aug 10, 2011 to commemorate fallen Kachin heros. Kachin communities around the world also held religious ceremony and event to remember the sacrificial service of  fallen Kachin soldiers. Hundreds of KIO/KIA leaders and military personals paid respect to fallen Kachin soldiers. This year commemoration event […]

Kachin refugees need help

Kachin refugees, who are fleeing from the Burmese military’s tortures, interrogations and forced labors as porters, are sheltering in China-Burma border city Laiza and surrounding areas under Kachin Independent Army’s control. While Burmese military is saying that the cause of this war is to protect “the project and the public”, the public are fleeing from […]