Local travellers searched and interrogated at BA checkpoints

Beginning August 3 in Hpakant township at a BA checkpoint between Ka-maing and Lawa, the BA troops have been reportedly harassing citizens travelling along the route. Civilians travelling in vehicles are reportedly forced to get off and walk while travellers on motorbikes have to push their bikes past the army checkpoint. It is reported that the BA troops are also conducting rigorous searches on citizens. A local source reported that combined forces of BA and local militia troops have been active in Ka-maing town.

On August 3 in KIA’s 2nd Brigade territory north of Dabyi Zup, an approximately 10-men strong BA unit belonging to 86th Light Infantry Battalion(LIB) reportedly stopped and interrogated villagers searching for missing cattle along Pang Chyi Zup. Additionally, civilian motorboats travelling to Aung Lawt were halted and promptly seized by BA troops, according to a frontline source.

On August 2, the Kachin State government officials seized 20 Chinese trucks illegally transporting fertilizer into Kachin region along Kanpaiti borders at Sadung Waterfalls. The officials seized 7 Chinese drivers along with their cargo while the rest escaped into the forest. The trucks are currently kept in Wai Maw and Lawng Waw church compounds, the KLN has learnt.

On the same day, the BA security checkpoints in Katsu, Mali Yang and Laja Yang in Kanpaiti area were ordered to shut down by the commander of BA’s Northern Command having learnt that the soldiers had been taking bribes of 3,000 Ks per Chinese fertilizer truck.