April 12 Frontline Updates

02:30 am – Burma Army (BA) troops stationed at Maji Gung Kaba in Mansi township fired 8 rounds of 120 mm mortar on Ding Sa Pa village in KIA’s 27th Battalion area

6:35 am – BA’s Regional Operations Command based at Danai fired 20 mortar rounds

7:15 am – BA troops encroached into a KIA frontline post, Nawng Nyang, and the two sides engaged in a battle.

8:00 am – KIA’s 254th Mobile Battalion and BA’s 93rd LIB fought a battle at Galang Ja Pa in Momauk township.

11:30 am – KIA’s 11th Battalion troops and a BA Infantry unit fought at Ting Hpra bum, located near Mo Gawng stream in Myitkyina township.

01:37 pm – BA’s Pyin Daung-based training units fired 3 rounds of 105 mm howitzer on KIA’s 11th Battalion H.Q.

02:02 pm – BA troops currently based at Ntap Bum fired 2 mortar rounds on KIA’s 18th Battalion positions at Ban Dawng and Woi Baw in Momauk township.

5:20 pm – KIA’s 6th Battalion troops fought a BA column at Hka San hka and Tau Bren hka confluence in Hpakant township.

07:30 pm – BA troops based at Hka Ya Hkyet fired 2 rounds of 60 mm mortars followed by machine guns on KIA’s 23rd Battalion positions at Laja hkyet