Civilians Hit By BA Shrapnel

On April 11, around 2:05 – 5:30 pm, 2 villagers of Awng Lawt returning from their farm, were hit by shrapnel from the 20 rounds of 105 mm mortar fired towards KIA 2nd Brigade HQ by Burma Army (BA)’s Regional Operations Command stationed at Danai, Hugawng. The shrapnel hit the father, Npawp Yaw, in the knee and his son, Npawp Naw Ring (aged 22), was hit in the chest and was killed.

Also, on April 11, BA forces stationed at Hka Ya Bum and Bum Re Bum at Laiza, fired 23 rounds of heavy artillery toward Lang Ta Bum where KIA Battalions 23 & 40 are stationed. Shrapnel from the artillery hit and killed banana plantation worker Shang Naw San of Laiza township. His co-worker Wangde La Rip was also hit, and is receiving medical treatment for his injuries at the Laiza Civil Hospital.