KIA 2nd Brigade HQ Bombarded

On April 11, KIA 2nd Brigade H.Q was bombarded with heavy artillery fire and also strafed by a helicopter. While this was going on, a 200 strong Burma Army (BA) infantry force, marching up from the Balai Nawng farms, launched fierce attacks on KIA frontline posts at Nawng Nyang, Shatwi Tu, and Hpri Tsut.

KIA 6th Battalion forces and BA troops clashed at Lai Nawng in Hpakant township on April 11 around 3:30 pm. KIA forces attacked BA 93rd LIB troops coming up from Da Law which is in the KIA 254th Mobile Battalion area. While the clashes were going on, 5 truckloads of BA reinforcement troops from Da Law headed to Galang Ja Pa around 5 pm.