Villagers Begin Fleeing as BA Shells KIA Positions

Burma Army (BA) forces simultaneously shelled Laiza Upper Hill, Laisin Hill, KIA Battalion 1,3, 11, 18, 19, 23, 24, 30 posts and a Mobile Battalion 253 post with heavy artillery, starting at 2 pm on April 11. A BA attack helicopter also dropped bombs on Awng Lawt town where KIA 2nd Brigade HQ is stationed.

Due to indications of increased battles as BA incursion into the area intensifies, people from the Lai Nawng Hku area in Hpakant have started fleeing from their villages since the morning of  April 10.

A strong BA force, reportedly marching in 4 columns, are headed for Lainawng Hku, seat of the Hpakant and Kamaing area KIA administration office, as well as HQ of KIA 6th Battalion and MMH forces. The BA columns originate from different directions, some coming from the Nawnglut, Lainawng Stream area, some from Kahtanyang, Si-en and Jara Yang villages and some cutting through Marau Bum Hill after leaving the railway tracks.

Similarly, Pa Jau villagers fled to Chinese border after BA troops stationed at Uga Bum fired 12 rounds of 120 mm on Laisin hill. Kasung villagers fled to Namti as the battles raged between BA and KIA 11th Battalion troops.