Fighting Continues Between BA and KIA Forces

Fighting continues unabated between KIA and Burma Army (BA) in Myitkyina, Bhamo, Danai, and Kutkai townships.

KIA’s 1st Battalion and BA troops fought at Bum Pri Bum in Bhamo township on April 3 between 10 am – 10:30 am. KIA frontline sources said the fighting broke out as Burma Army troops advanced into 1st Battalion’s positions around Bum Pri Bum. On April 1, fighting ensued when BA troops coming from Dan Sa Pa staged a surprise attack on KIA 1st Battalion post at Bumpri Bum around 1:10 pm.

Skirmishes were reported on April 2 from 6:40 to 7:05 pm, between KIA 11th Battalion forces and a force of about 30 BA troops from 298th LIB stationed at the Dum Bung village school in Myitkyina township. The 298th LIB force had come upstream from Bum Bung, and had been active around the bridge at Ting Ran confluence area.

On April 1 around 10:15 am, fighting broke out between Kachin civilian forces under KIA 2nd Battalion and a 50 strong BA force near Loi Seng village in Kutkai township.

KIA 14th Battalion forces attacked BA forces stationed at the former KIO township administration office in Tum Mari village in Danai township on March 31. Rocket fire was used, with 2 rounds of RPG, 5 rounds of KRL (Kachin-made RPG), as well as 2 rounds of 79mm mortar and small arms. The attack lasted from 11:15-11:45 pm. BA forces retaliated using small arms and mortar fire.