Continuous Clashes Between BA and KIA Forces

Front line sources report that clashes between BA’s 219th LIR and the combined forces of KIA battalions 36 & 38 took place in Muse township between Man Kang and Yihku villages at 7:30 pm on March 24.

The same day around 10 am, fighting also broke out near Lashap village in Mung Baw, and BA forces from Man Pying bombarded KIA positions with 120mm mortars to give their troops cover.

Another armed incidence occurred around 12:30 pm near Hpak Gum village when KIA troops clashed with about 60 LIR 219 troops coming up from Man Pying.

Around 1:30 pm, KIA forces staged an attack on BA troops holed up in the Nam Tau Buddhist monastery.

In Danai township, KIA 14th battalion forces staged a midnight attack on BA troops stationed near the Tum Mari Monastery on March 24. The BA troops had been pushing into the Danai area as part of a concerted effort to attack and dislodge KIA 14th battalion from Danai amber and gold mining area.One rocket propelled grenade (RPG), one 79mm mortar and small arms were used in the KIA attack, and BA forces retaliated with small arms fire.

On March 25, around 9:45 am, about 10 BA soldiers coming from Nawng Lung Kawng village, fired 10 rounds of small arms fire as they headed towards farms and teak forests near Jan Pru Hkran village.