Clashes Continue in Danai and Putao Townships

Clashes occurred near Kum Tsai Zup village cemetery on March 12, from 2:30 to 2:40 pm, when KIA’s 6th Battalion, active in the area between Kum Tsai Zup and Hkrai Run villages in Danai township, came upon 20 Burma Army soldiers from 255th Light Infantry Battalion stationed on the Kum Tsai Zup prayer hill.

It is learned that 255th LIB forces entered Kum Tsai Zup and Hkrai Run villages on March 10, and had been active in the area. Fierce fighting broke out on March 10, around 11:20 to 11:55 am when Burma Army forces marched in strength towards the Nam Mana Bridge where MHH forces are stationed.

It is learned through KIA front line reports that on March 10, from 1:00-1:30 pm, clashes occurred between KIA’s 7th Battalion and BA forces in the Sumpyi Yang and Nsai Yang villages in Putao township.