Burma Army Continues Attack on KIA’s 14th Battalion HQ

Intense fighting broke out in the Nam Mana Hka Bridge area on March 9 around 2:20 pm, when KIA forces first fired upon Burma Army (BA) forces marching from Nam Hkam village towards the KIA’s 14th Battalion HQ area. As a result, some of the BA forces retreated towards Nam Hkam, while some remained in the area and took up positions. On March 9, at 4:00 pm, KIA forces fired 5 rounds of 82mm artillery towards the BA positions and the BA in return, fired 10 rounds of heavy artillery (thought to be 60 mm and 81 mm) towards the Nam Mana Ja Maw gold mine area in Danai township.

On March 9, at 10 am, Burma Army’s 86th Light Infantry Battalion forces stationed in Danai, fired 2 rounds of artillery from their rear positions, directed towards farms at Nawng Hkawm Pa. On March 8 at 8:46 am, a fighter jet originating from Myitkyina, flew over KIA’s 11th Battalion HQ, later returning towards the Namti area. On March 8 at 4:45 am, BA forces positioned at Nam Hkam village in the Danai area, fired 4 rounds of artillery fire directed at the KIA’s 14th Battalion HQ.

In Mansi township on Mar 7, at 6:30 pm, fighting occurred at Shawa Hkyet, Man Chyam village between KIA’s 27th Battalion forces and BA forces who had been marching from the Mawun village area. The KIA forces initiated the fighting by attacking BA forces who encroached into their bases with remote controlled bombs.