More Civilians Killed By Burma Army Soldiers

On December 14, 2017, Hkanda Tu Hkawng, an IDP from Man Wing Catholic IDP Camp (1) at Mansi Township, who had returned to his village of Zau Bung to check on his cows, was captured and killed by soldiers from the Burma Army’s 99th Light Infantry Division. Hkangda Tu Hkawng’s family were able to locate where his body had been buried, and gave him a proper burial on March 9, 2018.

Hpaugan Yaw and Nhkum Naw San from the Mung Hkawng IDP Camp, taken away by soldiers from Burma Army’s 77th Light Infantry Division on January 31, 2018, were later killed. Family members were able to locate their secret burial place. On March 9, camp leaders, together with Man Je town community leaders, police officers and doctors, went to army HQ at Mung Hkawng, asking for permission to retrieve the bodies for a proper burial. The request was refused at first, but permission was later granted at 2 pm. When the bodies were exhumed, the accompanying doctor determined that the bullets that killed them had entered through the mouth and exiting at the back. It is learned that the townspeople are preparing for a proper burial at the site.

On March 8, around 10:15 am, Burma Army soldiers under 88th Light Infantry Division stationed in the Ngwe Kaba Kyaw Company in Kutkai township, fired 4 rounds of 60mm artillery towards Man Jap town injuring civilians Tar Ku Lwi (aged 60) and his wife Ya Mar Lwi (55 years).