Battles Intensify in Danai Area Following Burma Army’s Renewed Onslaught

Due to the fierce onslaught by the Burma Army (BA) on KIA positions beginning March 3, intensified fighting is reported in the Danai area where the KIA Battalion 14 is stationed.

March 6, 8 am: The Burma Army’s assault on the KIA’s Tsan Lun front resulted in fierce fighting between the 2 forces. Heavy fighting continues around Ding Hkun (2) and along the Ding Hkun Bridge. It has also been reported that the BA has been bombarding Nam Hkam village continuously with heavy artillery from their position at Chyahkyi Ju Hill.

March 6, 4:30 pm: In the face of fierce multiple pronged attacks by the BA, KIA forces have had to retreat and reposition themselves. On March 6, 5:55 pm, when the Burma Army entered Nam Byu village in force, the KIA forces had to retreat from the town. It is learned that the BA is continuing its march onward from the N-gam Pa, Simsa Pa and Awng Ba fronts.

A fierce battle ensued between KIA forces and the BA on March 5, around 11:15-11:55 am, when the BA took up position on a hill overlooking KIA Battalion 14. Battalion 14 was forced to retreat and take up new positions.

On March 5, fierce fighting broke out between 11:40 am – 12:10 pm when BA forces from Tsan Lun Maw marched into the KIA area of Ding Hkun (2), along the Ding Hkun Hka Bridge. Fighting broke out again between 5:55 pm – 6:30 pm. KIA positions were bombarded over 10 times with heavy artillery fire by BA forces stationed at Tsan Lun village. 2 of the artillery fire reportedly hit a school at Nam Hkam.

March 5, 2:25 pm -2:40 pm: Fighting erupted in the Lung Jung Pa Baw, Jum Hka area when KIA troops patrolling the area came upon BA forces marching up from the Lapu Hka area.

March 5, 12:00 pm -12:40 pm: BA forces coming up from the KIA Battalion (7) area of Tayang Zup in Puta-o township, were hit with remote controlled bombs on the road between Kawa Pang and Hting Bai by the KIA 22 Battalion. A battle ensued when the KIA first fired on BA troops with 79 mm guns.