Civilians Subjected to Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions by Burmese Army

Burmese army troops reportedly arrested a civilian, Nhkum Zau Hkum of Nam Chyam village, in Kutkai township in northern Shan state on February 1. The reason for his arrest is not known and he has not yet been released as of today, reported a local source.

Similarly, Dau Gyung (age 52), an IDP from Zup Awng IDP camp, was also arrested by Burmese army troops near Ga Leng village in Kutkai township on February 3.  Mr. Dau Gyung has been released only after Zup Awng IDP camp officials paid 3 lakhs of kyats to Burmese army troops on February 11.

In Muse township, a wife of Kachin civilian force (MHH) soldier was reportedly arrested by Burmese army troops under 11th Light Infantry Division in Mung Baw village on February 9.

On February 10, Burmese army troops summoned village elders and IDP camp officials in Mung Yu village and told them that IDPs in Mung Yu IDP camp are not allowed to go outside of the camp between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In Manton township, several Bang Swi villagers were detained by Burmese army troops under 77th Light Infantry Division after Ta-ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) troops captured one Burmese army soldier on Feb 8. The villagers were released by the soldiers in the morning on Feb 10.

In Kachin state, three Dum Bang villagers, Zinghtung Tang Gun, Nhkum Brang Mai and Maji Gam who were cutting wood to build a house in Sam Nawng Hka Hku were arrested and detained by Burmese army’s 298th Light Infantry Battalion soldiers on Feb 12 at 11:20 am. They were released after questioning whereabouts of the KIA troops for about 3 hours.

Similarly, two civilians, Maung Sam and Labang La of Bum Chyang village were arrested by Burmese army troops on Feb 9 in Mansi township. A local woman said Burmese army troops released the two villagers the next day after interrogation.

On Feb 11, Burmese army troops reportedly burned Mr. Maru Yaw’s house in Pung Ling Dingsa village in Mansi township at around 4 pm. On the same day, Burmese army soldiers forced about 40 villagers from Je Sawn and Mung Lu villages to move to Mung Hkawng IDP camp, reported an aid worker.