Civilians Targeted by Burmese Army Troops

Photo: Civilians hiding in the forest

On February 3 at around 1:00 p.m., Burmese army troops belonging to 602nd Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) reportedly abducted Labya Tu Ja (age 11) and Labya Gun Mai (age 9), sons of Mr. Labya Naw Seng and Mrs. Nhting Kaw from Mung Hkawng IDPs Camp in Mansi township. The two boys were taken away while out shooting birds in the nearby forest during summer break from school. The kids were detained without given food the entire day and night while Burmese army troops kept interrogating them who amongst the IDPs are members of the KIA demanding the names. Due to IDP camp officials’ repeated requests, the boys were returned back to the camp the next day at around 4:00 a.m., reported a frontline source.

The next day on February 4 after a remote bomb was detonated near Gawk Ngu Yang village in Mansi township, the Gawk Ngu Yang-based Burmese army troops promptly seized Mr. Kyaw Min, Mr. Kyaw Htun, Mr.Yi Nam Hkam, Mr. Aik Leng, Mr. Hkam Sai, Mr. Aik Gwi, Mr. La Tin, Mr. Aik Kawn, Mr. La Awng, Mr. Yi La Kang and Mr. Lau Yu who were working on a sugarcane plantation. The 11 civilians were reportedly beaten brutally sustaining serious injuries and some of the victims have been receiving treatment at the hospital, the KLN has learnt.

In Hpakant township, the Nam Sheng-based Burmese army troops summoned seven village elders to come up to Nam Sheng KBC prayer hill on February 4 at around 4:15 p.m. The reason for Burmese army troops’ callous action is still unknown.

Similarly on the same day on February 4 since 9:00 a.m. in Mung Baw village in Muse township, Burmese army troops belonging to 220th LIR reportedly seized a civilian tying him up while gathering village elders and doing house searches and checking family registration forms, another frontline source reported.