KIA Sources Say Burmese Army Continues Provocative Shelling

KIA frontline sources said Burmese army posts stationed in Momauk and Mansi Townships in southeastern Kachin state reportedly continued provocative shelling on their frontline positions.

Bang Htan Ka Din-based 387th Light Infantry Regiment troops fired 4 artillery rounds on KIA positions in Dung Hkang Hkyet and Marit Hkyet on Nov 29 at 5:20 am.

On Nov 28, Nawng Hkoi Kawng-based 237th Light Infantry Battalion troops fired four 60 mm mortar rounds on KIA positions at U Lu Hkyet and Hkang Htan Hkyet.

Burmese army’s 236th Light Infantry Regiment troops currently based at Maji Gung Kaji fired three rounds of 81 mm mortar on a KIA position at Loi Win Hkyet on Nov 27 at 12:10 am.

In southern Kachin state, KIA’s 255th Mobile Battalion launched an attack on a Burmese army column encroaching U Hkai Hkyet area on Nov 27 at around 12:15 am.

In western Kachin state, a battle took place between KIA’s 14th Battalion troops and Burmese army troops currently stationed at N-ga Ga village in Hpakant Township on Nov 29 at around 4 pm.

The two sides engaged in a battle on previous day on Nov 28 at a location between N-ga Ga and Chyasam Hka village. KIA sources said a series of clashes followed after Burmese army troops firing several 60 mm mortar rounds on Chyasam Hka on Nov 27.

In northern Shan state, KIA’s 38th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s 212nd Light Infantry Regiment troops engaged in a battle at a location between Nammwi Hka and Man Kawng village in Muse Township on Dec 1 at 2:20 pm.

On Nov 29, about 50 soldiers from Burmese army’s 220 Light Infantry Regiment reportedly launched an attack on KIA’s 38th Battalion position at Shau Shwi Zin in Hpawng Seng area around 10 am.

Similarly, KIA’s 34th Battalion troops engaged in a series of battles against Burmese army troops under 11th and 77th Light Infantry Divisions at Kung Sa village and its surrounding areas in Manton Township on Nov 30 and Dec 1.