Skirmishes Resume in Southern Kachin State

A battle took place between KIA’s 12th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s 437th Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) troops at R.C.M hill in Bang Htan village in southern Kachin State on Oct 14 at 4:10 pm. The two sides exchanged with 81 mm, 60 mm and MG-42 machine guns during the battle that lasted for about 40 minutes. KIA sources said Burmese army troops fired 3 rounds of 120 mm mortars on N-gawng Yang and 1 round of 120 mm mortar on Ulu Hkyet. At the sam time, Burmese army troops currently based at Maji Gung Kaji supported their frontline troops by firing 81 mm mortars on Ulu Hkyet.

In a previous encounter, a combined force of KIA troops from 12th, 27th and 39th Battalions fought Burmese army’s 437th LIR troops at Bang Htan village on Oct 10 at 12:15 pm. The battle lasted for about 5 hours.

KIA sources said its 12th Battalion troops launched attacks on Burmese army’s 437th Light Infantry Regiment troops as they marched towards Bang Htan village on Oct 9.

In northern Shan State, KIA’s 9th Battalion troops deterred about 40 soldiers from Burmese army’s 215th Light Infantry Battalion at a location between Ja Chyai Yang and Man Hawng on Oct 6 at 8 am.

Similary, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops launched an ambush on Burmese army troops traveling towards Hpak Gum from Mung Hawm village on Oct 8 at 10:45 am.

KIA sources said Burmese army escalated its troops’ movements in southern Kachin State and northern Shan State in the past weeks causing more likely encounters between the two sides.