Battles Continue Between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Army

A battle took place between KIA’s 6th Battalion troops and a combined force of about 20 soldiers from Burmese army’s 259th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) and 10 soldiers from Nam Ya Pyithutsits (local militia backed by Burmese army) at Manaw Pa, located between Nam Ya and Manaw Maw in Hpakant Township, on Oct 7 at 9:20 am. The battle lasted for about 30 minutes. After the battle, Burmese army troops fired four rounds of 60 mm mortar shells on Gaw Lu Yang village and Hkum Tsai village around 10:20 am, reported a local source.

Another battle took place on the previous day between a Kachin people militia unit under KIA’s 6th Battalion and about 30 soldiers from Burmese army’s 259th LIB troops at Hkrai Run village’s cemetery on Oct 6 at around 8:45 am. Burmese army troops fired 2 rounds of 60 mm mortar on Hkum Tsai Yang village after the battle. A local source said all travelers were stopped by Burmese army troops at Kamaing, Nam Ya, Lawng Hkang, Le Pin and Nam Tin during the battle and gave permission to travel again in the afternoon.

KIA sources said Burmese army troops have been carrying out its infamous 4-cut campaign in the region by cutting communication, food, fund, and recruits. There are currently 18 Burmese army battalions deployed in western Kachin State and regularly conducting military maneuvers to restrict KIA troops’s movement, resulting in occasional encounters against each other.

In southern Kachin State, KIA’s 12th Battalion troops engaged in a battle against Burmese army’s 437th Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) troops at Nawng Hkoi Kawng in Bang Htan area on Oct 5 at 8:35 am. Burmese army troops currently based at Maji Kung Kaji supported its troops by firing several 81 mm mortars on KIA’s 12th Battalion positions, reported a frontline source.

Battles raged for two consecutive days on Oct 6 and 7 in Bang Htan between KIA’s 12th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s 437th LIR troops currently occupying Bang Htan’s Roman Catholic Church compound.

Another battle took place at Bang Htan Hka La Kadawng between KIA’s 27th Battalion troops and Burmese army’s 237th LIB troops on Oct 7 at 2:30 pm.

In northern Shan State, KIA’s 9th Battalion troops battled about 40 soldiers from Burmese army’s 215th LIR at a location between Ja Chyai Yang and Nawng Gan village on Oct 2 at 9:45 am.

On Oct 6, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops and about 40 Burmese army troops under 11th Light Infantry Division encountered at a location between Kawng Hka and Nam Tau in Muse Township at around 3 am.