Burmese Army’s 238th LIB Troops Kill A Tingkawk Villager

Lahpai Seng Li, a 28-year-old Tingkawk villager, was killed by Burmese army’s 238th Light Infantry Battalion troops in last week. Tingkawk village is located on Ledo road between Danai and Myitkyina.

Burmese army’s 238th LIB troops led by its deputy commander arrested Lahpai Seng Li on September 18 while he was working in his own rice field. Lahpai Seng Li was taken by Burmese troops with both his hands tied and forced to serve as a guide, a villager said.

On September 24, Tingkawk village elders went to search for Lahpai Seng Li and found his lifeless body by Tsai Raw creek. Village elders found several gunshot wounds on Seng Li’s body. Despite de-escalation of the fighting between Burmese Army and Kachin Independence Army, Burmese Army troops regularly committed arbitrary arrest and extrajudicial killing of villagers across Kachin region.