Skirmishes Continue In Hpakant and Kutkai

Kachin people’s militias under KIA’s 6th Battalion on Sept 7 fought Burmese army’s 235th Light Infantry Battalion troops at Lamung Tu village at around 5:45 am.

On the same day, Kachin people’s militias (MHH) under KIA’s 20th Battalion attacked a Burmese army convoy at Nga Nawng, located between Dum Bang and Hkra Yang, at around 6 pm.

On Sept 4, a battle took place between KIA’s 6th Battalion troops and about 20 Burmese army troops from 235th Light Infantry Battalion at Lai Nawng Hku in Hpakant Township at 11:30  am.

A KIA frontline source reported that Burmese army troops currently based at Ting Kawk fired 4 rounds of 60 mm mortars on KIA’s 14th Battalion positions on Sept 5 at 12:30 pm.

On the same day, Burmese army’s 235th LIB troops fired 16 rounds of 60 mm mortar shells on Kachin people’ militias positions at Mada Bum around 1:30 pm. KIA source said its troops returned fire with two 60 mm mortar rounds.

In northern Shan State, KIA’s 9th Battalion troops ambushed Burmese army’s 214th Battalion troops at a location between Bang Kai Ja Maw and Hu Hpyet in Kutkai Township on Sept 6 at 9:45 am.

On the same day on Sept 6, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops attacked Burmese army’s 211st LIB troops at Lashap village, located on the way between Mung Baw and Mung Yu in Muse Township, at around 1 pm.