Two Kachin Civilians Killed by Burmese Army Soldiers with Bomb Strapped to Their Bodies

Two Kachin civilians, Hpau Kap Naw Let and Labang Naw Bawk of Lam Braw Yang village, have been killed by Burmese army’s 381st Light Infantry Regiment troops at Sari Bum, located near Burmese army’s Siden post, on Aug 9. A bomb set up and detonated by Burmese soldiers ripped through the two men and their bodies abandoned by the roadside.

According to local sources, the two men went for fishing on early Aug 8 morning in Loili Hka in Dum Bum village and they were stopped on their way back at Burmese army’s inspection gate at Siden post around 8:30 pm.

Burmese soldiers found some TNT explosives used for dynamite fishing in the two men’s possession and detained them at their base. The two men were later brought to Sari Bum near Burmese army’s base and killed with a bomb strapped to their bodies.

Similary, three Kachin IDPs, Maran Brang Seng, Sumdu Gam Awng and Labya Nawng Hkum, from Mai Hkawng RCM IDP Camp were killed by Burmese army’s 319th Light Infantry Regiment soldiers while they were looking for food just outside the IDP camp. Their bodies were found about 5 miles from IDP camp three days later.

Increasing numbers of ordinary Kachin civilians have been arbitrarily interrogated and detained by Burmese army soldiers in Kachin and northern Shan States.

Kachin CSOs in an appeal letter called for the immediate release of 50-year-old Kachin farmer Nlam Bawk Naw who was arrested on the Ledo road on June 20 by the Burmese soldiers.

Nlam Bawk Naw was walking in the middle of Lawah village when he was arrested and later detained.