KIA and Burmese Army Encounter Fewer Battles

Despite occasional encounters between KIA and Burmese army, battles have been reduced in the month of April as Burmese celebrates new year water festival.

Burmese army’s 390th Light Infantry Regiment currently based at Masen Kawng reportedly fired 6 mortar rounds on a rice field in Lawa Yang near Laiza on April 21 at 3 p.m.

Burmese army sentry unit stationed at Maw Hpawng village’s bridge fired several gun shots on surrounding area on April 19.

In northern Shan State, a battle took place between KIA’s 2nd Battalion troops and about 60 Burmese army soldiers under 88th Light Infantry Division at Nawng Jang village on April 18 at 10 a.m.

About 1000 Burmese army soldiers from 11st, 88th and 99th Light Infantry Divisions have been deployed in area where KIA troops under 2nd, 36th and 38th Battalions operate in northern Shan State.

KIA frontline sources said Burmese army troops often invoked them by firing mortars, rifles and machine-guns but they have restraint from violent retaliation and escalation.