Two Burmese Army Attack Helicopters Opened Fire at a Kachin Village

On March 22 evening in eastern Kachin State at Hka Pra Yang village, in KIA’s 27th Battalion territory under 3rd Brigade, two Burmese military attack helicopters belonging to 21st Tactical Command Force coming from their Manmaw base reportedly attacked the village, a frontline KLN source reported.

The two attack helicopters bombarded the village dropping bombs, launching rockets and firing machine guns approximately from 4:00 p.m- 4:15 p.m, before heading back to their Manmaw base.

Similarly on March 8 in the same village, clashes reportedly erupted between troops belonging to KIA’s 27th Battalion and Burmese Army’s 228th Battalion troops. As a result, most civilians from the village fled to Mung Hkawng refugee camp, according to the frontline source.