A Man Killed in Broad Daylight Amidst Intensified Abductions of Kachin Civilians

Sources from Aung Mye Tit village in Waingmaw township reported Burmese army troops belonging to 58th Light Infantry Battalion(LIB) and local Lisu militia abducted village resident Marip Zai Lai on February 13 accusing him of being a KIA informant.

In northern Shan State on February 10 approximately at 5:30 p.m. in Munggu Pangsai Kyu Kuk’s No. (4) quarter, an unknown Burmese army unit under 99th LID murdered a Kachin civilian travelling on his motorcycle.

The KLN has learned that the victim was 35-year-old Zahkung Zau Sam, son of deacon Zahkung Zau Aung and Galau Ja Bang from Namtun Yung Ngaw village in Kuthkai township.

In response, Kachin elders from various regions have forewarned entire Kachin public to be extra vigilant as abductions and tortures of Kachin nationals by Burmese army and its collaborators have become more rampant recently.

Meanwhile, battles continue to rage between KIA and Burmese Army in northern Shan State. On February 13 morning beginning at around 5:00 a.m. in KIA’s 8th Battalion territory under 4th Brigade, Burmese army troops belonging to 33rd Light Infantry Division (LID) reportedly fired five rounds of heavy artillery towards Hu Bung village, according to a frontline KLN source.