Civilians Homes in Kachin State Forcibly Confiscated by Burmese Army Troops, Battles Rage in Northern Shan State

Burmese army troops belonging to 86th Light Infantry Battalion(LIB) have forcibly been confiscating civilian homes in Du Kawng quarter in Danai township in western Kachin state since January 26, reported a KLN source. As a result, civilians who have been forced out from their own homes are now facing many difficulties and are moving into relatives’ homes in surrounding villages.

Similarly, in Ale Tu village on January 25, Burmese army troops belonging to 336th Light Infantry Regiment reportedly abducted Mr. Maung Maung Myint after cruelly beating him up accusing him of being a KIA spy, local sources told KLN.

In northern Shan State, approximately at 11:30 a.m. on January 26, clashes erupted between Burmese army troops belonging to 33rd Light Infantry Division(LID) who were making advances to Man Yawn and KIA’s 34th Battalion troops under 6th Brigade, a frontline KLN source reported. After the battle, Burmese army troops reportedly ransacked rice barns belonging to Man Yawn villagers.

The previous day on January 25 at around 2:30 p.m., fighting reportedly took place as KIA troops and Burmese army troops belonging to 88th LID ran into each other south of Man Yawn.

Similarly on January 25, KIA’s 34th Battalion troops reportedly fought combined Burmese army forces belonging to 88th and and 33rd LIDs as they attempted to infiltrate through KIA’s defense lines.


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