Two Years On, No Justice for Two Murdered Kachin Teachers

Events have been held to mark the second anniversary of the rape and murder of two Kachin teachers, Maran Lu Ra (20) and Tangbau Hkawn Nan Tsin (21) of the Kachin Baptist Convention across Kachin region and Kachin communities around the world.

Memorial prayer services were held at Kawng Hka Kachin Baptist Church and churches in Myitkyina, Bhamo and major Kachin cities.

The two teachers were reportedly raped and murdered by Major Aung Phyo Myint, the commander of the 503rd Light Infantry Regiment (LIR), and his soldiers inside a church compound in Kawng Hka village in Muse Township on Jan 19, 2015.

Police officers from Lashio and state capital Taung Gyi, Kachin Affairs Minister, and local community leaders were tasked to investigate the case. One source close to the investigation team told KLN that the investigators conducted their duties amid fear of Burmese military reprisals.

Kachin Baptist Convention repeatedly demanded to question all the personnel including the 503rd LIR commander, soldiers and drivers involved in the case. In May 2016, KBC’s investigation team met with Major Aung Phyo Myint, Lieutenant Myint Twin and Private Zay Yar from 503rd LIR in Lashio police station but were not allowed to ask questions directly to Burmese military officers. The meeting ended with police officers assuring KBC leaders that they will escalate the requests from KBC to high-ranking Burmese military officials.

Two years after the horrific crime, no one was charged for the rape and murder, and the case is still under investigation by Burmese authorities.


I am really sorry for the two Kachin Teachers killed and condemned those who did it.

But I am wondering that ” without authentic data; why post is accusing of Myanmar Army Officials and soliders ? ”

It is like a kind of destroying the image of Myanmar Army intentionally.

To my point of view ; there are other possibility.
It might be a guy or two guys who are friends of or boy friends of 2 Kachin Teachers or familar with 2 Kachin Teachers because without knowing them; 2 kachin teachers will not open the door.

Even if Myanmar Army Soliders came to the church; people in the village and / or church will know surely.

Why !

Nobody heard of voices of figting or voices of dog barking or shout of two kachin teachers.

It means that

1. Killers frequently visited to the church and thus are familar with the dogs. Thus dogs did not bark.

2. If strangers like Myanmar Army Soliders approached to the church ; dogs will surely bark loudly and others would wake up.

3. If strangers like Myanmar Army Soliders came to the church ; two kachin teachers would surely reported to elders in the church or village head because it was night and it was a must to report.

4.If stangers like Myanmar Army or any armed group like KIA came to the village and church ; all in the village would know definitely because it is black or brown area.

Therefore the big question is ” Why they are accusing of Myanmar Army without evidence.”

It is like a political assisanation to Myanmar Army by taking advatanges of the two kachin teachers.

Doing so will not be helpful because real culprits ( third party ) can freely escape.

Before Truth come out ; the post can not accuse of anyone.

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