Burmese Army Troops Opened Fire to Quell Local Protest Against Yuzana Company

In response to Yuzana Company’s seizure of 480,000 acres of land in Nawng Mi and Hu Kawng areas along the famous Ledo Road in Hpakant Township, local protesters on December 20 rallied in Ting Kawk village against the company’s actions and policies.

Locals claim their means of livelihood have been destroyed as Yuzana Company has seized their lands and leasing them out to Chinese businessmen, who have been planting yams and eucalyptus trees on them.

Two truckloads of Burmese army soldiers had reportedly been sent out to deal with the peaceful protesters. The Burmese army troops then recklessly fired over 50 shots in the middle of the village, while one bullet struck the neck of a woman. The KLN has learnt that the injured woman has been brought to Dani and being treated at the town’s hospital.