Burmese Army Agents Interrogate Civilians; Plantations and Rice Barns Torched

In Kachin State on December 19 beginning at 10:00 a.m., going from house-to-house Burmese army agents wearing plain civilian clothes, allegedly interrogated residents in Waimaw, Wu Yan and Muk Chyik in Sadung Township. The agents demanded detailed information on missing male family members regarding their whereabouts and what they have been doing, locals reported.

On the same day in Kawa Hka and Pa La Na in Myitkyina Township from around 8:00 a.m., Burmese army troops reportedly started abducting and kidnapping civilians to be used as porters.

In northern Shan State, Burmese army troops allegedly burned plantations and torched rice barns between Man Lung and Nawng Swi villages in KIA’s 8th Battalion territory in Manton Township on the same day beginning 7:00 p.m.

A Mongkoe source said Lagwi Bawm Yaw, a father of four, and Mun Daw La Di (18) of Kawng Buk village in Hpawng Seng village tract in Mongkoe were arrested and interrogated by Burmese army troops on December 13. Burmese army soldiers beat two villagers with gun butts and took them away, said the source. Family members of Bawm Yaw and La Di are extremely worried as whereabouts of both men is still unknown.


It is a must to do because Tertiorist KIA sent their cunning dogs to do all sort of destruction in villages and towns and it is to prevent the lives of civilians from destructive activities mastermined by Terriorist KIA and their dogs.

They will be mixed with public.

I wish authorities cncerned find Terriorists .

I warmly welcome all effort of government and Myanmar Army to make a precaution search and investigation to find and catch Terrorist KIA ‘ cells who sneak to the villages and towns to do all kinds of sabotage and who are absent from their home to do destructive things in other peaceful areas.

It is the duty of government and armed forces including police to safeguard the life of people from Terrorism masterminded by KIA.

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