Mortar Shells Fell Near Munglai Hkyet IDP Camp in Laiza

Burmese army troops currently based at Hkaya Bum and Bumre Bum Sunday fired at least 15 artillery rounds on Law Hpyu Bum, Munglai Hkyet and Lamai Yang situated around KIO administrative capital Laiza beginning 4 am.

A mortar shell fell close to Munglai Hkyet IDP camp at around 4:30 am causing IDPs to flee into Laiza city. An aid worker said the mortar shell created panic among IDPs who fled their homes and living in temporary shelters, and forced again to flee.

Several dozen mortar shells fell near Alen Bum where a high school is located and Munglai Hkyet IDP camp in Laiza area on Dec 16.

Two Burmese military attack helicopters launched an attack on KIA’s 11th Battalion position at Pa Hpa, Sut Let Yang in Mogaung area by firing multiple rockets on Dec 18 at around 2:30 am.

KIA source said at least 4 Infantry Battalions under Burmese army’s 101st Light Infantry Division have arrived in Aung Myay Thit, Gara Yang, Katsu, and Dabak in Waimaw Township.

In northern Shan State, KIA’s 36th Battalion troops encountered an unknown Burmese army unit on the way between Hpai Kawng and Kawng Sahti on Dec 16 at 9:50 am.