Village Heads Tortured by Burmese Army Troops

Burmese army troops from 261st Light Infantry Battalion, led by Major Tin Aung Moe, reportedly arrested and brutally tortured village headmen from Namseng and Labang Kahtawng villages in western Kachin State on December 14. This was in retaliation to KIA troops’ appearance on the main road between Ga Matep and Namseng villages at around 11:00 in the morning. Mr. Aung Nu of Namseng and Mr.Labang Brang Nan of Labang Kahtawng were publicly tortured by Burmese soldiers right on the main road, locals reported.

Mr. Aung Nu, who had just been released back to his village after the agonizing torment, was snatched away and viciously beaten again by the same Burmese army troops. The Burmese army troops reportedly threatened everyone they would execute the village headmen, tie up all villagers and torch the villages should KIA troops reappear or even a gunshot was heard from them, according to the source.

Using Namseng Buddhist monastery as a base, Burmese army troops recklessly fired their light weapons and heavy mortars at Laika Galai, where KIA troops had made their appearance. Burmese army troops blocked civilian vehicles coming down the main road at Gauri village, but allowed them to pass at 2:00 p.m., a source from Gauri village reported. On the same day, two jet fighters were seen hovering above Namseng and Sau Hka villages, another source reported.

After the humiliating incident, Namseng village headman Mr. Aung Nu has decided to submit his resignation letter to the Military Operations Command in Mogaung, the KLN has learned.

On December 9, Burmese army’s 123th LIB troops reportedly arrested and detained Hpauyam La, a 28-year-old farmer, who was working in a field in Zi Dabang in Nampaka, northern Shan State.