Burmese Soldiers Kill Three Civilians in Mongkoe Area

Zahkung Hkun Mai, a deacon of Namtau Kachin Church, was shot dead by Burmese army troops on the way between Nam Tau and Pangsai on Nov 22. He was travelling from Namtau to Pangsai on a motorcycle when Burmese army soldiers saw him and shot on the spot.

Family members of Deacon Hkun Mai asked Burmese soldiers to return the body on Tuesday night but only allowed to get the body the next morning, a Namtau resident said.

A Mongkoe source said two Kachin civilians, Slg. Lashi Tu and his wife, who are sextons of Mongkoe Kachin Baptist Church, were hit by artillery shells reportedly fired by Burmese army troops from Byuha hill on Nov 20. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. The source said the couple’s relatives and church members were not allowed by Burmese soldiers to get the bodies of Lashi Tu and his wife.

A Muse source said two community elders Hpt. Mangshang Nu Ting, a deacon, and Mangshang Chang Bawm have been arrested and detained by Burmese government authorities on Nov 22. As of today, no specific reason has been provided for their detention by authorities.