Civilians Held Hostage in Mongkoe By Burmese Army

Mongkoe-based Burmese army Tactical Command (Mongkoe Byuha) reportedly held about 70 civilians in its base. The civilians have been held in Burmese military base since Nov 20.

Mongkoe sources said over 100 local residents including a couple who has just married and those attending the wedding ceremony were taken to Burmese army’s base at Byuha hill this past Sunday night. Some residents and guests who are relatives of the couple from China side of the border were released after hours of interrogation. But about 70 civilians are still held hostages inside Burmese army compound.

The hostages were reportedly told by Burmese soldiers that they will not be released until KIA and its allied troops withdraw from Mongkoe and its vicinity.

A KIA source said most KIA troops have been withdrawn from Mungkoe to the surrounding mountains as Burmese army pounded civilian homes with artillery shells.

Battles continue to rage between ethnic-allied troops and Burmese army near Mongkoe and its surrounding area. Local sources reported that two fighter jets from Burmese Air Force fired rockets on ethnic-allied troops’ positions on Tuesday around noon.