Fierce Battles Rage at Nhkram Gidon Post


About 400 Bama Tatmadaw (Burmese Army) soldiers today launched a renewed attack on KIA’s Gidon post followed by several artillery fires beginning around 9:30 am, reported KIA frontline sources. The two sides engaged in a fierce battle for about one and a half hours. KIA sources said unusual dark smoke comes out of artillery shells causing dizziness and nausea to some soldiers.

Another round of artillery attack came from Nhkram-based Tatmadaw troops at around 1:30 pm. The two sides again exchanged fires at around 4:30 pm. No casualty information is available from either side.

KIA sources said they shot and chased away a drone hovering over them on Sept 30 at around 9 am.

On Sept 29, Bama Tatmadaw troops fired 2 artillery rounds at 2:30 pm causing a brief artillery exchange between the two sides.