Battles Rage Between TNLA and RCSS/SSA Troops

A series of battles took place between Ta-ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and southern faction of Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) beginning Nov 27 at 1 pm in Nam Hkam Township and Manton Township.

TNLA source said Burmese Army troops under 77th and 88th Light Infantry Divisions aided RCSS/SSA in attacks against TNLA troops.

A combined force of RCSS/SSA and Burmese Army troops launched attacks on TNLA positions around Naw Re, Mak Won, Pein Kai, Lum Abala, Loi Chyin, Pan Kanai, Manwin, and Hopang village on Nov 30, reported TNLA source.

RCSS/SSA has signed Nationwide Ceasefire Accord together with sever other ethnic armed groups and Burmese Army in Naypyidaw on October 15. TNLA source said RCSS/SSA troops started offensives against TNLA after signing Nationwide Ceasefire Accord with Burmese Government.