Locals Arrested, Interrogated by Monyin Police

Two local residents, Tangbau Tang Gun and Lahpai Zau La, together with five other men were arrested by Burmese Army troops while they were tending and looking for their cows in Monyin area on Nov 18. Tang Gun and Zau La are over sixty years old.

Those arrested have been detained at the Monyin police station. Monyin residents said they could hear the men being beaten and groaning sounds coming from interrogation room.

Burmese Army’s commander of Monyin-based Artillery Battalion and another commander came to Monyin Kachin Baptist Church where about 200 IDPs are currently staying and asked IDPs to return to their homes on Nov 18 at around 10:30 pm.

A Monyin resident said, “two commanders asked IDPs why they are staying in Church compound. They said there are no ongoing battles. The commanders keep ordering IDPs to return to their homes.”

About 400 IDPs have fled their homes since last Saturday and staying in Anglican Church compound, Roman Catholic Church compound and Kachin Baptist Church compound.